At Kingfisher Self Storage, we’re serious about the security of the items you’ve placed in your storage unit. Because of this we have implemented the following security measures to help protect your goods while they're in our facility.

Gate Access Control System

The massive steel grill gate at Kingfisher Self Storage is controlled via a unique swipe card provided to each customer ensuring only Kingfisher customers are able to access the storage facility. Allowing 24 hour 7 day access to your stored goods, your swipe card is just one of the many features we have in place to safeguard your belongings.

Closed Circuit Surveillance

Kingfisher Self Storage employs a number of cameras across the self storage yard, full camera coverage ensures there are no blindspots on the site.

The images and video from the surveillance system are captured and stored for an extended period of time enabling us to assist with any security enquiry in the unlikely event the need arrise.

The system is maintained via regular maintenance checks to be certain it is in good working order. This makes sure our storage facility and your storage unit is well protected.

Regular Security Sweeps

We don’t just leave it all up to electronic security to protect your items in storage and our facility. Regular security drive-bys are performed by active security staff to keep a personal eye the site.

See through cyclone fencing with barbed-wire top

Surrounding our facility with tough cyclone fencing allows easy visibility across the site, a hindrance to any nefarious activities. The barbed wire topping on the fence deters those who may consider climbing the eight foot high fence to gain access to the site.


While it seems out of the way, the nature of the businesses surrounding our self storage facility means a constant flow of traffic around the site. Prominently located on the corner of Rutherford Ct in Maddingley, our location is a deterrent to those who may consider a softer target hidden away.

Your Padlock

Your storage unit is locked by you, with your own lock. Having your own padlock ensures only you have the key, and therefore access, to your storage unit.

Kingfisher Self Storage recommends you invest in a sturdy padlock for your self storage unit. A padlock with a “shrouded shackle” is a good choice. Your valuables in your storage unit are important, we encourage you to do your homework on this vital security measure.